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ProTech Athletic Jacket
Order Deadline: Oct 10

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Available in Men’s and Women’s sizes. Minimum order of 20 of each (Men's and Women's) for order to be placed.

Fill out all fields in this Google Form and then pay to complete order. 

Jackets will be delivered to and distributed by coaches.

All sales are final.


The Boathouse Pro-Tech® Facet Jacket is made from a high-performance fabric featuring a durable, highly water-resistant nylon exterior that provides excellent windproof and waterproof weather protection. The woven nylon oxford fabric with urethane undercoating makes the jacket highly water repellent, while maintaining the garment’s breathability. 


- Extremely windproof and water repellent

- Built in Micro Mesh lining

- Zippered pockets

Two-step ordering process. No order placed without payment!!

Step 1: 

Link to Google Order Form

Step 2: (select "Send" option)

Link to Payment

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